Activision is estimating that they made a bit of cash with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Apparently during the first 24 hours on sale, the game sold 4.7 MILLION copies in North America. and the UK. That’s right, North America and UK alone!

Not even accounting for the rest of the world, if their estimates are correct that’s the largest entertainment release ever, soundly trouncing the previous record-holder GTA IV by a good amount of copies.

Granted, the game was widely available as early as a week ago, with Gamestops and Walmarts all around the States deciding to start selling the game before launch. But it’s still an idea of how huge this series has become.

“The Call of Duty franchise has become a cultural phenomenon showing the power of video games as an entertainment medium,” says Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith, king of stating the obvious. “The shattering of these entertainment records is a testament to the compelling, cinematic and uniquely engaging experience that the Call of Duty brand delivers. Modern Warfare 2 has taken interactive experience to unprecedented heights setting a new standard for entertainment.”

Well as for the game itself, it’s pretty damn good, but it’s hard not to be disappointed by the convoluted plot and “Hold my hand and follow me!” mechanics of the campaign. Still, the Spec Ops missions are great, the multiplayer as compelling and addictive as ever…. and we will all be playing this one for a long, long time.

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