It appears that the Fright Night remake has risen from the grave. The trades are announcing today that after almost half a year of planning Dreamworks has finally picked a writer for the project- Marti Noxon, a producer and (mostly consulting) writer on Mad Men. She got her start working on Buffy and went on to write and produce Angel, so she definitely has some knowledge about vampire comedy.

Tom Holland’s original film was about a teenager who finds out that his neighbors are vampires. The kid’s a horror fan and gets written off as having an overactive imagination and so he takes things into his own hands, recruiting a former horror host of a show called Fright Night to help him out.

The remake will apparently keep the same tone of the film- horror/comedy- and of course update the effects with all kinds of digital wizardry.

If you want to see the full original film, head on over to Crackle. Those bastards don’t believe in allowing embedding of films but they have the whole classic available for viewing online. It’s still a blast.

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