This edition of Geek Chic is a little special, as I’m bringing you two nerdtastic things you can buy. Except that one of them I don’t think anyone will want to buy. Let’s start positive, shall we?

This shirt is available from the good folks at Criterion, who own the rights to the completely and utterly batshit insane Japanese movie Hausu (House). I covered this film in a recent CHUD list, and to give you a reminder of the sort of bizarre greatness on display in Hausu, check out this video:

The image on the shirt is the crazy evil cat from Hausu, and it’s a very cool design, even if you aren’t familiar with the movie.

You can buy this shirt (quite cheaply, all things considered) by clicking here. Thanks to Tom Nix for the heads up.

Less cool are these sneakers from Payless Shoes (yes, Payless) that tie in to the home video release of Star Trek:

You can buy red and blue (security and sciences colors) at any Payless but I guess the gold (Command) is only available online. Since they’re totally fucking ugly I don’t know who would want them – you can just buy ugly sneakers and a cheap Star Trek insignia and make your own. I was really hoping for something cool when I saw a Star Trek sneakers press release – look at the stuff that Vans and Chuck Taylor do with licensed properties on sneakers.

If you’re a completist or have terrible taste in footwear, you can buy these sneakers right here.