Despite losing Steven Soderbergh and his incredibly unique vision for the film, Sony’s Moneyball isn’t dead yet. Aaron Sorkin came onboard to rewrite the film and now the Risky Biz blog reports that new directors are circling it.

The two they name are 500 Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb – ie, the guy everybody is going to this year – and Capote‘s Bennett Miller, who hasn’t made a film since he won Philip Seymour Hoffman an Oscar back in ’05. Miller made the better of the two Truman Capote movies (although Toby Jones was the better Capote in Infamous), and I think that The Cruise, his documentary about NYC tour guide Speed Levitch shows a playfulness that Moneyball could probably use. That said, Webb is a fine director, even if I thought his debut film was a tragic display of phoniness.

Whoever gets the gig still has Brad Pitt on board. But whoever gets the gig will forever live in the shadow of the weird Moneyball Soderbergh would have made.

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