First of all, before I get snarky, congrats to Latino Review for scoring a look at the scriptment/outline of Oren Peli’s follow-up to Paranormal Activity, called Area 51. The plot of the film has been under wraps but we’ve known that it’s a found footage film that has to do with aliens and is set around the fabled secret base at Groom Lake, Nevada, aka Area 51. If you click here you can read the basic outlines of the plot as uncovered by Latino Review’s spy.

The thing is – who needs plot details beyond that? Camcorder, Area 51, aliens… got it. I guess if you’re really interested in seeing how many irritating characters Peli will have arguing with each other in his new film, this is big news. Otherwise you already know the important stuff: aliens, Area 51, camcorder.

In fact, here’s what I thought was the key part of Latino Review’s script review:

Today, I got my hands on a recent draft of Oren Peli’s script and, from the first page until the end, I just kept thinking to myself, “Is this really just going to be Paranormal Activity with aliens?”

It was.