The gentleman over at Dread Central have scored a few pictures from the upcoming 3D fishstravaganza, Piranha 3D. There is one photo of aquatic destruction along with many more of the attractive people that will be eaten. With just this first taste, the flick already looks like its going to be a lot of fun. Aja has had no problems bringing the pain before, and with the 3D gimmick to toy around with, there’s no excuse for this not to be at least a light, gory blast.

I’ve been pondering the effectiveness of piranha as horror villain, and naturally there are some worries- for example: hills, or boats that don’t sink. However, piranha can in many ways work in the same manner that zombies do. In a sufficiently water-filled environment, they are a hoarding force that strike the save nerves of paranoia. Considering the success of the zombie film of late, I think this remake has a real shot at popularity.

You can check out the destruction photo in full-res, as well as pictures of scantily-clad meats and pre-devoured old man at Dread Central. The film will hit theaters in summer of 2010, on April 16th.

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