Kind of hard to grab news to today that Devin isn’t all over (as usual) but I do have an unbelievable bit of behind-the-scenes info concerning the DreamWorks legal department.  If you can believe it, the SKG house has landed General Chang as their counsel, according to Variety.  Not much has been heard from the fearsome Klingon since Undiscovered Country, (and truth be told, I kind of thought he was blowed up), but this hire should come as quite a coup for DreamWorks.  

The general, who is known to have a passion for Shakespeare, especially in the original Klingon, has proven himself to be not only a cunning battle tactician, but also an adept legal representative.  Although the trial seemed to have a prejudiced jury panel, the general was instrumental in getting the conviction of both Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon back in the day.  The general’s win-loss record in the courtroom is unknown, but doubtless his fearsome bolted-on eyepatch has helped him secure more than his share of victories.  Chang has pretty much kept a low profile (really, though, I thought he was space dust…I mean, how could he have survived that torpedo?  Site to site transport maybe?) since unfounded allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and complicity in the Chancellor’s murder.  

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(Upon closer inspection of the headline, nevermind)