Clint Eastwood is working on a “supernatural thriller” (hey, you ain’t gonna get Oscar nods by making no dang horror film!) called Hereafter, and it appears he’s found his leads.

The film will star Matt Damon and Cecile de France, who you probably all best remember as the lead in Alexandre Aja’s High Tension. There might be a third lead, as the story is about three people who are affected by a death in some way. Quite a lengthy description, I know, and while we don’t know much about the film there’s been talk that there’s some Sixth Sense-like events going on. It will be really interesting to see de France tackle some genre material once again. While Haute Tension feels like someone’s attempt to film the phrase “lost potential”, she was great in it.

Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) wrote the script and is executive producing alongside Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Tim Moore. Filming began last month and will take place in Paris, London, Hawaii and San Francisco, wrapping it all up in time for a December 2010 release. Eastwood’s also got Matt Damon starring alongside Morgan Freeman in Invictus this December, because it’s not Oscar season without a new Eastwood film.

Via Variety