Here’s some great news to start out your Tuesday: the American remake of Oldboy is dead. At least that’s what Latino Review is reporting, saying that Dreamworks and Mandate Pictures couldn’t come to an agreement and they’ve killed the project.

You’ll remember that Steven Spielberg was set to direct Will Smith in one of those “It’s not really a remake because we’re going back to the source material” remakes of Park Chan-Wook’s modern classic of vengeance, Oldboy. Fans were, understandably, up in arms that Hollywood’s most sanitary leading man and most gee-whiz director would be tackling an incredibly dark story filled with violence and incest – this just seemed like a terrible match.

Somebody up there must have agreed with you, and now we can breathe a sigh of relief… for now. Who’s to say that the project won’t still resurface in the future? We’re never safe. We must always be on guard. We must always be prepared.

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