It looks like Duncan Jones’ follow-up to Moon, Mute, is getting put on the back burner as the director continues to look for financing for his futuristic Berlin story. While that’s all happening Jones is taking advantage of his industry heat and getting to work on a fairly commercial sounding film, starring the fairly commercial Jake Gyllenhaal.

Called Source Code, the movie sounds a lot like Groundhog Day meets The Hurt Locker. According to Screen Daily, it’s the story of a US soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown commuter and is forced to live and relive a train bombing until he can find the perpetrator. Ben Ripley wrote the screenplay with revisions from Billy Ray.

It sounds a touch generic, but with Jones directing (and Billy Ray coming in on the script), something generic could become something very cool. It’s also Gyllenhaal’s return to science fiction, which is where he started, with Donnie Darko, so for Jake fans (they call themselves The Kids In the Gyllenhaal), this could be cool news.

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