Excited about Sega’s upcoming Bayonetta? You should be. The game, which we first told you about back at E3 2008, is getting ridiculous amounts of praise, even garnering a perfect score in Famitsu, the Japanese gaming mag bible. It’s only the 12th game in the magazine’s history to get one but then again Metal Gear Solid 4 and Nintendogs got one too, so take it with a grain (no, a friggin’ poud) of salt.

In any case, there’s a demo on the way so you can try out the ridiculous fast-paced combat yourself, but if you want it earlier than everyone else you have the chance to get one through Sega’s new SEGA PASS club. Sure, it’s a gimmicky way of signing you up for a club that you likely won’t use, but you get the chance to play the game that much earlier!

Head on over to Sega’s site as quick as you can to sign up for this- they’re giving away 40k starting today but these will go fast.