Former CHUD guy Smilin’ Jack Ruby – known in the real world as Mark Wheaton – continues making waves in Hollywood. The latest good news for Mark is that he’s working with Ringu helmer Hideo Nakata to make a movie out of La Voce Della Pietra, an Italian novel by Raffo Silvio. A novel which, by the way, is pretty fucking elusive on the Google.

According to Variety, the story ‘centers on a female psychologist who takes on the case of a young boy who made a promise to his dying mother to remain silent until her spirit returns. The psychologist begins to realize that the boy’s dead mother has manipulated her in order to take possession of her body so she can be reunited with her son.’ Sounds pretty weird. Possibly filled with psychosexual stuff, if I know my Italians.

Fangoria managed to find an image of the novel’s cover, so good for them.

The movie will have the English title Voice from the Stone, and it should start shooting in the spring.