Someone close to the production got in touch with me and told me that this entire story is a major spoiler. If that’s the case, be very warned. I do sort of get the feeling that this is a major spoiler right up until they begin doing the marketing and merch, to be honest. The info in this story will likely be known by every single person walking into the theater when the movie comes out.

But just in case: you’ve been warned!

Peter Berg is a smuggler. He had an idea for a naval combat movie but he knows that almost nobody makes original material on a big scale anymore, so he smuggled his idea into a seemingly lame adaptation of a board game. Thus was born the cinematic Battleship, headed to theaters in a year or so.

But what was Berg’s idea? According to Latino Review’s tipsters, it’s about a five ship fleet that engages… aliens. I’m not sure why aliens would be mounting a naval attack on the Earth, but I’m assuming Berg has at least thought that out. And unless those aliens look like giant white and red pegs, this is really different from the game.

ALTHOUGH! The movie could spawn a new version of the game, with new alien ship classes. I have a feeling I could be roused to rebut Battleship (I’ve long since lost my copy) if that were the case.

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