Once upon a time going to Mexico to fix a mistake meant getting a backalley abortion in Tijuana. Now it’s the source of romantic comedy!

Isla Fisher is looking to star in Desperadoes, being billed as ‘The Hangover for girls,’ but we all know that would be called The Morning After. Anyway, this film sounds more like a complete rip off of a minor web phenomenon, which I’ll embed at the bottom of this.

In Desperadoes Fisher would play a woman whose new boyfriend doesn’t call her back after they have sex. She flies into a rage and sends him a mean email – and then finds out that he’s in a coma in Mexico (if I had a dime for every time that happened to me)! She and her friends run south of the border to retrieve the email before he wakes up, since cleaning out his inbox is obviously the most important thing facing him when he awakens from a fucking coma.

The web phenomenon from which this was obviously stolen is a video where a dude plays crazy messages from his girlfriend over pictures of his vacation – see, she wasn’t paying attention when he talked and didn’t realize he was going backpacking across Europe. The whole thing sounds sort of phony, and sort of like it was intended to get a movie deal going, so maybe this fella got a paycheck from the fine folks at Universal.