Among the many scoops he’s been scoring at the American Film Market in Santa Monica this week, Shock Til You Drop’s Ryan Rotten has uncovered one that’s sure to make a couple of you out there mad: there’s a movie called The Howling Reborn getting sold at AFM. It’s got a writer/director and a very, very familiar poster.

Joe Dante has said that people have tried to get a remake of The Howling off the ground, but he wanted nothing to do with it. Looks like they stopped asking him. And actually, I’m not that worked up about a remake of The Howling; rewatching the film recently I realized it’s got a number of missed opportunities – I think there’s the possibility of improving on the original (what a heathen I am, huh?). But since the writer/director of The Howling Reborn is Joe Nimziki, whose only credit is an episode of the 90s version of The Outer Limits, maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

As Ryan points out there’s no telling where the film is in terms of production. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that as of now all that exists is a poster and a writer/director – there’s probably nothing else except the basic Howling rights being owned by a company called Moonstone Entertainment, who also has the rights to Stephen King’s From a Buick 8. AFM is a place where you go with a poster and a dream, hoping to get your film financed and sold to all sorts of markets before you shoot a frame or write a page.