Kick Ass
, the Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation of the hyper-violent Mark Millar comic, test screened in LA last night. I wanted to go but other duties kept me away from the theater; friends of mine didn’t have the same responsibilities and they came out of the theater raving. One of the best superhero movies ever, they said. Probably one of their favorite 2010 movies, they said. This film can’t be hyped enough, they said.

At the same time that the film was testing, Lionsgate began the marketing: first came a series of character posters that debuted on IGN, then came a new website. The posters link up to create one large image, a real incentive for the film geek to collect all four. The site, which is at, is a little sparse at the moment, but it promises a trailer in 8 days.

Could Kick Ass be the real thing? Here’s hoping.