We’ve been covering Mass Effect 2 a whole lot here, and with good reason. Bioware hasn’t done wrong by us yet, and we’re all sinking ridiculous numbers of hours into Dragon Age: Origins already (seriously, pick that sucker up. It’s great.)

We heard a while ago that the big plot point for Mass Effect this time is that humans have started to disappear from the galaxy and you go on a suicide mission to find out why, but now we know what we’re going to face.

But more plot details for Mass Effect 2 have spilled out in the form of a new “Enemies” trailer, which showcases just how bad Shepard and folks will have it. Some familiar enemies reappear (Reapers and such) but it’s all about a new insect-like species known as The Collectors, who paralyze people and stick them in pods for some nefarious purpose. The other big foe is Legion, a evolution of a Geth that’s hunting you down.
Check out the trailer below.