While it’s not Bourne IV, the above image from the new Green Zone poster leaves no doubt that Matt Damon is squarely back in the confines of a Paul Greengrass pic.  The duo that revolutionized and revitalized the spy industry is back in Greengrass’ new political / war / action thriller, and the one-sheet for it is now online over at Screen Crave. 

Last week, Devin brought you the trailer for this film that has Damon as a U.S. Army officer who goes renegade when he finds that there are lies and corruption surrounding the American mission to find WMD in Iraq at the outset of the war.  The grainy poster elicits the two Bourne films (and splashes them both of them at the top of the image for good measure) and you can make no mistake about it, get Greengrass and Damon in a thriller and bodies are getting ventilated or blowed up real good.  This looks great and I’m looking forward to checking it out on March 12, 2010.  Green Zone also stars Greg Kinnear, Amy Ryan, Brendan Gleeson and personal favorite, Jason Isaacs.

Click the picture to head over to Screen Crave for the whole thing and thanks to Brian for tip #2,147.