For a very long time I’ve had a problem with shaving my face. I end up cutting myself. Specifically my upper lip. After I finish shaving my face is bleeding, and I’m sure people would be screaming if they saw me out and about looking like that.

This wasn’t the case when I started shaving in high school. I had no problem whatsoever shaving. I would shave every day and my face would never get cut. Then it started. I started to notice that my upper lip would bleed after I would run the razor over it.

The only time I would notice that this wouldn’t happen was when I’d wait 2 days to shave, and there would be enough stubble there to prevent myself from getting cut.

Recently I’ve discovered something that is helping me out. I noticed that instead of the short “wipes” that I do with the razor, I’m doing long ones. These longer wipes with the razor are helping reduce the cuts on my upper lip, and the ones that occur on my cheeks. The ones on my cheeks are not as bad as the ones on my upper lip. I’m really glad that I’ve found a way to fix this. I’ve been considering growing a goatee to relieve this annoyance that occurs on a daily basis for me.

Rene’s song of the day: “Moving In Stereo” by The Cars.

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