Tom Cruise is starring in The Tourist.

BAM! No, he’s not!

Sam Worthington is starring in The Tourist.

BAM! No, he’s not!

Johnny Depp is starring in The Tourist.

Wait for it…

Yes, The Tourist has its third leading man. Worthington has fallen off and Mr. Depp has stepped into his shoes, to be playing an American who gets caught up with an INTERPOL agent played by Angelina Jolie. This almost sounds like a mistake on the part of The Hollywood Reporter – this isn’t a crazy character or a wacky setting, it’s a clueless American tourist getting caught up in events that are over his head. What the fuck is Johnny Depp doing in this movie?

We’ll see if he sticks. In the meantime, Florian von Donnersmarck is out of the directing chair (not that he ever actually signed on) and Alfonso Cuaron has started negotiating to direct. Let’s see next week who is starring in and directing The Tourist! What a cliffhanger.