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In an IBM research center, there sits a supercomputer that was recently benchmarked, computating a simulation of the human visual cortex. This equates to somewhere around 1.5 billion neurons and 9 trillion synapses- more processing power than a cat’s brain. This feat required an acre-sized data center employing almost 150,000 processors. Consider for a moment, that an acre-sized computer 20 years ago couldn’t even match the capabilities of an iPhone. We’re heading somewheres folks.

There is little value I can bring to the singularity conversation in so short a space.  What I wanted to mention was that from time to time I like to sit back and appreciate the fact that, without a doubt, we are living in a time that will see as much or more change in the human experience than any other moment in the history of our species.  Looking at the almost frighteningly predictable curve on which human communication technology has progressed, it becomes clear we are nearing the asymptotic conclusion of our exponential race towards… whatever.  I’m not expecting Terminator or The Matrix, Bradbury or Asimov. That’s the delightful thing about real progress- it’s always unexpected, even when completely inevitable!

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