After appearing as two of the most over-powered characters in the mediocre Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (review), Captain America and Thor are set to star in their very own videogames. The games will of course be tie-ins to the Marvel films hitting in 2011, according to their third quarter reports.

Thor comes to you first in May, with Captain America in July, just like the films. The Captain America videogame doesn’t have the bizarre The First Avenger prefix added to it like the film, though.

Meanwhile, Sega’s getting Iron Man 2 in the works for April 2010 to tie into the film’s release in May, and hopefully won’t completely mess it up again. They’re also the developers behind the next two adaptations, which is a bit disheartening, but at least they’ve got plenty of time to work on it. Likely, the stories of the games will mirror the films. Too bad Raven Software couldn’t get signed on for these, eh?