David Tennant is making the jump across the pond to switch up vocations.  The erstwhile Doctor Who has signed onto star in the NBC pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer.  Project centers on Rex
Alexander (Tennant), a top Chicago litigator who begins suffering
panic attacks and takes up coaching clients to represent themselves
in court. 
David Semel, who directed the pilots for “Heroes” and Life, has
come on board to helm the comedic legal drama from Universal Media
Studios and BermanBraun. 
Tennant will also co-executive produce.

The project was actually greenlit two years ago, but producers have been searching for a lead until Tennant became available and wowed them in his audition.  Tennant recently completed a five-year run as the quirky doc and has been credited with being one of the best of the many actors to portray him.  Tennant has also had roles in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and has a TV adaptation of Hamlet upcoming.

via THR.com