If the recently distributed Microsoft Expert Zone retailer training quiz can be trusted, there’s quite a bounty of Mass Effect 2 DLC on the way.

The quizzes, which are apparently not leak proof at all, serve as training and marketing tools for game retailers. Microsoft’s Mass Effect 2 quiz reveals the following as upcoming DLC:

  • Planned episodic content
  • Weapon and armor packs
  • New downloadable characters
  • New downloadable worlds
  • Full campaign expansions
  • Updates via the in-game “Cerberus Network”

And no, nobody knows anything about the Cerberus Network yet. If we had to venture an ominous guess, we’d say it’s an in-game microtransaction shop.

List making is easy, but will any of it ever come to pass? The original Mass Effect’s disappointingly featherweight content doesn’t inspire any confidence, but given BioWare’s two year commitment to Dragon Age: Origins DLC, it’s possible that these substantial expansions might actually happen. Full campaigns and brand new worlds sound pretty ambitious, so we’re staying pessimistic for now.

From Destructoid.