It’s time for the Avatar promotional tank to start really blasting you with material and, on the tails of a newly released trailer, a small making-of featurette has appeared on the Avatar YouTube Channel. The piece has been around a few days, but I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more attention, considering the amount of new footage it contains, and plot points it elaborates on. I feel like there is more new information here than in the newest trailer (though I haven’t followed this stuff religiously, so maybe it’s old news and footage). Naturally the interesting stuff is buried amidst self-aggrandizing and revolutionary posturing.

You can take a look at it down below, or better yet- fire it up in embiggened HD at YouTube- story and character design qualms aside, the environments and landscapes are pretty stunning in High Def. Serious work went into making the planet nearly photo-real, even if you’re not buying the bouncy blue cat people.

…and can we get rid of all these “waiting till we had the technology” stories? That has got to be one of the most tired bits of trivia ever muttered about a film with heavy CGI.

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