The American Film Market is happening in Santa Monica right now, and thousands of new indie movies are trying to get sold. Ryan Rotten of Shock Til You Drop is the only real reporter on the ground covering the massive AFM horror scene, and every year he brings back first looks at the best and the weirdest movies you’ll be seeing in theaters and video stores soon enough.

One of Ryan’s finds is the trailer for Dale and Tucker vs Evil, a movie that looks at the hillbilly killer genre from the point of view of the hillbilly and posits the question: “What if it’s all just a big cultural misunderstanding?” The trailer’s pretty spoilery but it’s also very funny; the trick is to see whether the movie can maintain what is essentially a one joke premise for the entire run time.

Firefly‘s Alan Tudyk stars as one of the hillbillies, which probably already gives it a better than average chance at AFM.