It looks like the rights to the Terminator franchise are up for grabs as the Halcyon Company, the folks behind the last modestly underperforming Terminator film, are selling them. The auction will only give the buyer the rights to make new Terminator movies and TV shows, and won’t give them ownership of the first two films.

Halcyon got the Terminator franchise for a bargain at $25 million dollars two years ago, but now they’re filing Chapter 11. The auction has caught the eye of most folks in Hollywood, and the Financial Times is reporting that Sony is particularly interested in snagging the rights. Summit, the folks behind Twilight, have their gaze on the rights as well, but they don’t have the pockets that Sony has.

Here’s an idea: some Terminator fans should put their money where their mouths are and organize a fundraiser to get the cash to buy the rights. It’ll never happen, but I’d be pretty interested in seeing a major franchise fall into the hands of the fans.