My original 40g iPod can’t play except when it’s plugged into a base station; the battery is way dead. The computer that it was synched up with died, which means I haven’t added anything to it in maybe two years. It’s been sitting in the closet, actually, until I moved, when I finally threw it into the new iPod speaker dock I got at the Walk Hard junket (thanks, Sony!). I’m sort of intrigued by the playlists I’ve set up – they’re the 21st century version of mix tapes, and I’ve been reading Rob Sheffield’s Love Is a Mix Tape, and thus have been remembering my old mixes.

So here’s the playlist I’m listening to right now:

All You Fascists – Billy Bragg
Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
The Book Lovers – Broadcast
Little Moses – The Carter Family
Lux Aeterna – Clint Mansell
I’ll See You In My Dreams – Django Reinhardt
Woodpecker From Mars – Faith No More
Colorado – The Flying Burrito Brothers
My Sweet Lord – George Harrison
Working Class Hero – John Lennon
The Village Green Preservation Society – The Kinks
You Set The Scene – Love
Pass The Dutchie – Missy Elliot
Mageetah – My Morning Jacket
Parasite – Nick Drake
Meeting in the Aisle – Radiohead
Anodyne – Uncle Tupelo
Murphy Bed – Mirah
Mr. Roboto – Styx

What a weird mix. I don’t think I would put those songs in that order if I was making a real mix tape, but when I made this playlist I probably intended to listen to it on shuffle. I’m interested by how chill most of the songs are. Pretty laid back.