Robert Rodriguez is known for his vertically integrated filmmaking system, which allows him to almost literally stroll into his backyard to make a movie. Rodriguez is also known for speed and efficiency, so it’s a surprise that he hasn’t taken a weekend or two out of his schedule to toss out a Sin City sequel before now. Granted, there are bunches of folks involved, but when you can film any of them at any time whether their co-stars are around or not… a half decade passing (at minimum) between films is a shock.

Regardless, for the past four years the involved parties have relentlessly stuck to their story that Sin City 2 is just on the horizon. Producer Stephen L’Heureux spoke with last week, and stoked the high contrast, black and white fire once again.

“L’Heureux confirmed for us that the long-awaited sequel ‘Sin City 2‘ will go into production in the second half of 2010. Unlike the first movie, which used the graphic novels as both screenplay and story boards, the sequel will be based on an original script by Miller. As with the original, Miller will co-direct with Robert Rodriguez.”

I obviously haven’t paid enough attention over the last few years to know if the “original script” thing is new, but it wasn’t always the case, at the very least. Not that I have the least bit of faith in Miller after The Spirit (I can not think of a review that extends beyond calling it retarded), but at least the movie won’t pull the same gimmick as last time and remain slave to the panels of comic books that tumble down a very steep hill of diminishing entertainment very quickly.

The story also mentions Hard Boiled, one of Miller’s 90s comics, being developed for Miller to exclusively direct. There’s no way the project will move forward until Sin City 2 happens (and only then if the sequel makes some cash), so don’t hold your breath.

If this producer does indeed have his shit straight, expect to see some gritty news about the gritty Sin City sequel early next year, before it presumably grits up screens in 2011.

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