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The Adventures of Kip Thunder and Jeff represents the most effort I’ve ever put into… well, anything really. Originally slated only as a Producer, it was standing in a 20,000 sq’ warehouse surrounded by meager piles of wood and an even flimsier construction plan that I had to step up to fill in gaps that needed to be filled. The film’s primary production designer had designed lovely sets and a solid approach to building them, but it became clear that none of us had a real clue what we were getting into.

Fortunately I was gifted with ample time (or at least willingness to abandon other pursuits) and years of watching my father be competent at nearly everything.  It took some blood, sweat, and tears, but I slowly discovered there had been more osmotic absorption of skills over the years than I’d realized. In the end we put together a pretty incredible set, I think (for very little $$$).

What we started with:

Completed Engine Room:

The alien “Director” character:

Some Engine Room detail:

Me. wiring up a fan:

Filming in the Bridge:

Bridge detail:

Propaganda poster I made for the Storage Room set:

My favorite picture (me playing pilot).

Tell me what you think of the set, or my narcissism on the MESSAGE BOARD. I’d like to hear from you.

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