I ordered the Blu-Ray The Omen box set this weekend because 1) it was on super sale from Amazon and 2) I was too drunk to make rational decisions. Two thoughts so far:

A) Why would they place The Omen and The Omen remake side by side with no way of telling which is which?

B) While I have been a fan of it for years, a rewatching of Damien: The Omen II reveals it to be a plotless meander of a movie. I wish the remake of The Omen had done better because a remake of Damien: The Omen II could have actually inserted a story  in there. The film hints at Damien being aghast at his Satanic heritage, but he gets over it really quickly. And the excellent casting of young(er) Lance Henriksen as the military academy instructor serving Satan comes to nothing in the end. It’s a pretty disappointing movie when divorced from some kooky and hilarious death scenes. I feel like The Omen trilogy may be the series that most consistently disappoints – if it weren’t for Sam Neill as grown-up Damien, The Omen: The Final Conflict would be fucking worthless.

Anyway, here’s a video, stolen from Mike Dougherty’s Twitter feed, of a children’s choir singing Ave Satani, the main theme to The Omen and a song that hails Satan. Nice!