The best thrillers are the ones that have honest to god moral dilemmas at their center, and moral dilemmas that you can understand. In The Fall, a new indie opening this weekend in LA, a hotshot DA with a chance at political office finds himself in such a dilemma when his younger brother is arrested for the murder of a priest. As he digs into the case, the DA discovers evidence that will free his brother but end his own career. And presiding over all of it is William Devane as the judge –  that’s a tough spot to be in!

We have the first seven minutes of The Fall to share with you, and we’re giving away five signed The Fall posters and five t-shirts; to win these just send me an email at devin at

You can visit the website of The Fall right here; if you’re in LA check out the movie at the Laemmle Sunset 5 and the Laemmle Santa Monica 4.

By the by, there is some super duper NSFW stuff in this clip. Beware!