A while back we brought word that NBC might (just might) be moving up the third season premiere of Agent Carmichael’s show from it’s planned March debut to, well, possibly even the end of this month.  Sadly, the tail end of October turned out not to be the case, and the jury’s still out if Chuck will be moved up or not due to the upcoming  Winter Olympics.  Although a January premiere may be in the cards, NBC’s still being pretty tight-lipped about that still.

But what’s managed to wiggle out of the Peacock’s lips, that CHUD is now bringing to you in a World Exclusive that we got from someone else’s stories: NBC may be upping the order for Season 3 of Chuck from 13 episodes to 19. Cool right?  You bet your ass.  Considering that it took a sandwich jihad last spring to wring those 13 episodes out of the network, it’s very cool. 

Thanks bunches to Jamie at Think McFly Think for the tip.