There’s a  big gaping, bleeding hole in the middle of the reboot of Star Trek and it’s the question of what the heck Nero was up to for the 20 years between his killing of Kirk’s dad and his destruction of Vulcan. Originally Nero and his crew, trapped in a ship crippled by George Kirk, were captured by Klingons (you get a hint of this in the actual film when a Klingon fleet is destroyed and Uhura picks up the transmissions). Now the DVD/Blu-Ray will shed some light on this excised subplot in the form of deleted scenes… or at least I hope they’re deleted scenes and not edited back into the movie.

Of interest here is the fact that JJ Abrams refuses to commit to a Klingon look. We see the Klingons in helmets that have forehead ridges, but never actually see their foreheads, so for all we know they could look like original series Klingons. I think that’s a continuity headache they’ll save for the sequel.

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