My late night talk show viewing habits aren’t what they used to be since Leno came on in primetime and satisfied my nightly fix 1.5 hours earlier (sarcasm off).  I also haven’t caught much of Late Night since the Jimmy Fallon era began, but I did happen to peruse last night’s episode with Artie Lange as a guest.  Not quite sure on a scale of 1-to-Scott Weiland how loaded Artie was, if at all, but he was in a one-liner / acerbic zone last night. And I suddenly remembered how much I miss him and the Howard Stern show.  Lange seemed to be on his best behavior, but the wrong thing, whether said or done, always seemed to be simmering with the lid on the pot.  Anyway, if you missed it, the interview is below.  I’m wondering how Fallon made it through this thing without either collapsing on the floor in merriment or having an anxiety attack that Artie would all of a sudden lay out an f-bomb, n-bomb, c-bomb or some form of verbal ordnance.

Olivia Munn was also on, looking as good as she always does and holding her own in a Lange / Fallon sandwich.  But this show was Lange’s.