Maybe if Funny People had been a big hit this wouldn’t happen. Maybe if folks had turned out in theaters Adam Sandler wouldn’t feel the need to go back to the same type of bad, gimmicky movie concepts that he lampoons in Funny People. But the film wasn’t a big hit and now Sandler is starring in the romantic comedy Jack and Jill, in which he’ll be playing… both Jack and Jill.

Move over, Eddie Murphy, Sandler Air is coming into your career flightpath.

Sadly, Sandler won’t be falling in love with himself, but will rather be playing twins who I assume have their own love stories. And who have a repertoire of three funny voices they use. Steve Koren, the comic mastermind who wrote Superstar, Bruce Almighty and Click, has written the script.

People of America, you could have avoided this by simply supporting Sandler in a real role. Now it’s too late.

via Variety