Xavier Gens, the director of Hitman and the French horror film Frontier(s), has signed on to direct The Fallout. But no, this isn’t an adaptation of the bleak, repetitive and sort of boring video game. It actually sounds like a rip off of the Discovery Channel’s reality show The Colony.

In The Fallout, the world has been destroyed somehow; the film takes place in a New York City building that has been turned into a shelter. In The Colony the world has been destroyed in a plague; the reality show (and I swear, this was a reality show!) takes place in a warehouse that’s become a shelter. I haven’t actually seen The Colony, but the premise is so batty that I love it already.

That’s all the info we have on The Fallout, by the way. It’s  being written by a couple of fairly newbie types, Eron Sheean and Karl Mueller.

via Variety