Finally! The classic 80s movie Night of the Creeps is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray today! And if you live in Los Angeles this is your chance to meet director Fred Dekker, a really cool guy, and get him to sign your copy.

Fred’s appearing at Lazer Blazer tonight, signing copies of the DVD and Blu-Ray bought in store only. But since Lazer Blazer is selling this sucker dirt cheap you’re getting a great deal anyway. They’re selling the DVD for 16 bucks and the Blu for just 20!

The signing is tonight from 7 to 9. Lazer Blazer is located:

Laser Blazer

10587 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064


Here’s the flyer to make it all official and everything. Go there! Get this movie! Get Fred to sign it!