The standard haunted house has you being pawed at by a bunch of booze-stinking teens in shitty horror masks. But on Halloween one haunted house is turning the tables. Evike, a paintball company, is hosting a zombie hunt at the El Monte location on October 31st. You and your friends sign up as a team to be locked in the building and search out the fuses needed to open the magnetically sealed gate. Air is running out and you’re trapped with a horde of hungry undead.

Sounds pretty fucking awesome, right? It’s just $16 bucks for a group of up to four, and 20 more bucks to replay. That price includes everything needed – you don’t bring your own paintball guns from home. That’s a pretty great price for what sounds like a pretty awesome time. The zombie hunt runs from 5pm til midnight, and it’s South El Monte, which I guess is technically still Los Angeles.

Evike has made a trailer for the event; watch it below. And click here to get more information.