We first told you about the 2001 Maniacs sequel a couple of months ago, and it’s undergone a name change. Originally subtitled “Beverly Hellbillys“, the new full title is now 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams. Much improved, I say.

They’ve also given us this updated synopsis-

In the sequel, Bill Moseley (“THE DEVIL’S REJECTS”/”ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN”) steps in as the town’s villainous patriarch, Mayor George W. Buckman. The story follows the residents of Pleasant Valley as they head West in search of new blood, only to come across an unsuspecting reality series crew who picked the wrong bunch of backwoods country folk to exploit for ratings.

Writer/director Tim Sullivan (of the hysterical first installment, as well as the underrated Driftwood) sent over these exclusive photos for you to check out! These have never been seen before and we have an introduction to a brand new maniac who is hiding a horrible secret… under her dress.

Click on any picture to see it larger!

Introducing brand new Maniac, SCARLET RED, played by Nicole Rae.

SCARLET RED (Nicole Rae) flanked by fellow Maniacs CHINA ROSE (Kathryn Le) and HARPER ALEXANDER (Kevin “Ogre” Ogilvie) flashes her lethal chastity belt. Whatever ya do, do not “go down” there!

MAYOR BUCKMAN (Bill Moseley) and GRANNY BOONE (Lin Shaye) give “Guest of Honor” K-JAY (Jordan Yale Levine) a history lesson in Confederate Justice.

Time to play a little game called “The Revisitation of the Troubles”- This year’s visiting Northerners bound and gagged;  VAL (Andrea Leon), JESUS (Alex Luria) and Black Cherry (LaRayia Gaston)

“I truly believe this film has exceeded the first in every way possible,” said Sullivan. “It’s an over the top ride filled with sexiness, bloodiness and lots of politically incorrect humor. If the original didn’t secure me a warm spot in Hell, this one will for sure.”

Head on over to their Facebook page and become a fan to get updates as the film gets closer to release. The film’s going to screen at the American Film Market next week in Santa Monica, and I can’t wait to see what kind of madness they have in store for us.