If you’re a Netflix subscriber with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, then you’re probably already enamored with streaming Netflix on the 360. Although the browsing interface isn’t perfect, the surprisingly deep library and high video quality make it one of the best reasons to own a console. It’s currently the only way to watch Eraserhead in HD, which is a godsend for fans of the film. Those barf chunks really sparkle in 1080i. 

While there are already several other Netflix ready devices available for purchase, like TiVo, Blu-Ray players, and some internet connected televisions, the 360’s Netflix feature was a console exclusive. Silicon Valley Insider reports that this exclusivity won’t extend into 2010, as Netflix streaming finally comes to the PlayStation 3.

The especially good news for PS3 owners: while the 360 requires subscribers to pay for a LIVE Gold membership to stream movies, there won’t be any additional fees on the PlayStation Network outside of the monthly unlimited Netflix plan.

The somewhat weird news for PS3 owners: there won’t be a Netflix client available for download on the PlayStation Store, at least initially. Instead, Netflix is sending out copies of a special Blu-Ray disc to PS3 subscribers that enables BD-Live and kicks off the streaming service. It’s a minor hassle that sounds like a loophole to circumvent a broken exclusivity arrangement. At any rate, existing subscribers can sign up here to have the disc shipped to them some time in November.

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