As CHUD’s resident Broken Lizard apologist [is it considered being an apologist if you’re 100% right?], I am pleased to report to you that the boys have finally locked a theatrical release schedule for their latest film, the first BL film to be directed by someone white.

Here’s the mini-missive directly from the lizard’s mouth:

SLAMMIN’ SALMON – DECEMBER 11! It’s official. Our new flick will be in
theaters in Dec! Starting in select cities. We’ll tell you which ones
as we get the info. Stay tuned!

Atlanta had better be a select city, because I can’t afford to be doing no traveling in December.

The film is about a competition for a wait staff put on by the former heavyweight champ (Michael Clarke Duncan) and the hi-jinks that ensure. Slapstick and shenanigans are sure to befall viewers in this Kevin Heffernan directed entry.

Just a quick rundown on their flicks to date for those who don’t know:

Puddle Cruiser. OK. Kinda slow. Not going to make anyone a diehard.
Super Troopers. One of the greats. Unmissable and insanely rewatchable.
Club Dread. Grows on you. Has some classic moments and is definitely one for the fans.
Beerfest. Great. Mainstream, but great.

One thing that is consistent to all Broken Lizard films. DON’T JUDGE IT BY THE TRAILER.

For example, check out the old Red Band trailer HERE on Collider.

More as it comes…