The remake of Footloose suddenly finds itself without a director, and it’s due to that old bastard, Creative Differences.

According to Variety director Kenny Ortega has left the film over disagreements with Paramount’s production prez Adam Goodman over the tone and budget. Ortega, who has directed the High School Musical movies, wanted to make something with big musical numbers and spend a bunch of Paramount’s cash. Goodman, meanwhile, wants something ‘edgier’ and more of a drama – probably closer to the original than to the Broadway adaptation.

Don’t cry for Ortega – he directed This Is It, the upcoming Michael Jackson ‘documentary,’ which should make a zillion dollars. But now Footloose is without a helmer, so anybody who has a vision that matches Goodman’s, this is your chance. Paramount has a little while to find their director, as the movie won’t film until March, when star Chace Crawford is free from shooting the TV show Gossip Girl.