I love older movie trailers, especially for grindhouse films. Grindhouse movies were made to be sold, and the guys who were behind them thought very much in terms of the trailer and the poster. The trailers are often miles better than the actual movies; I’ve always felt that Tarantino’s Death Proof was like a real grindhouse film while Rodriguez’s Planet Terror was like what the trailers made you think you’d get from a grindhouse movies.

But one of the best trailers of all time doesn’t so much use out of context clips from the movie’s money shots, but rather creates a weird little narrative all its own. It’s broadly farcical, and it’s absolutely bizarre in a feverish sort of way, and it’s wonderful. The films that it’s selling – a double feature of I Dismember Mama and The Blood Spattered Bride – aren’t particularly great, but you’re going to want to see them when this trailer wins you over in a big way.