Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets all the buzz, but it’s possible that the spin-off show, Angel, was just as good – or maybe even better. Angel‘s mythology is much more intriguingly murky than Buffy‘s, and the show makes a number of left turns that the flagship show couldn’t, probably because Buffy was more popular.

Angel, Buffy’s vampire boyfriend, leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles, where he runs into Buffy regular Cordelia Chase, who has come to LA to start an acting career. They start a detective agency that fights evil in the City of Angels and do good for the Powers That Be. At least that’s how the show starts – it goes really awesome places from there.

Amazon has the entire five season series collection for a stunningly low price of 53 bucks – essentially ten dollars a season. You don’t need to be a Buffy fan to dig Angel, and in fact there are very few crossover episodes. I also think that Angel has the very best series ending of all time.

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