The new John Woo epic, Red Cliff, has come to America. The film is available RIGHT NOW on Video On Demand, so check your local cable system. You can also get Red Cliff on Amazon on Demand (click here!) and on Xbox Live (click here!). And it’s coming to limited cities soon, so you’ll have a chance to see this huge historical piece projected, as it was meant to be seen.

Red Cliff marks the reunion of Tony Leung and Woo following 1992’s classic Hard Boiled, and it tells the story of the Battle of Red Cliffs, which marked the end of the Han Dynasty in 208 AD. The film is partially based on the classic of Chinese literature, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

We’re psyched to offer these five exclusive images that give you a sense of the scope, excitement and beauty Woo is capable of bringing when he’s firing on all cylinders again. Click on them to see them enormisized!