Last year we came really close to David Fincher adapting Brian
Michael Bendis’ Torso, a graphic novel based on the true story of
Elliot Ness’ search for the Cleveland Torso Killer, a particularly
gruesome serial murderer. Torso is probably the best thing Bendis has
ever done, and the true story is fascinating in ways that a proposed
Untouchables sequel never could be.

But after getting the green light at Paramount Torso had the rug
pulled out from under it and the rights lapsed. The project fell apart.
Things looked grim, but now Bendis tells MTV Splash Page that there’s
new hope.

“The rights reverted back to [co-creator Marc Andreyko] and myself,
and it all kind of went away,” Bendis told MTV. “Now, not so much.
Things are percolating back and movement is afoot behind the scenes to
get it going again with all the principals, so… we’ll see what

All the principals? Could Fincher still be in the mix? Even after
he supposedly finished with serial killers with Zodiac? I think Torso
would make an amazing Fincher film – but I also think it would make an
amazing film in general.