When I was young the dream was to get a denim jacket with an Iron
Maiden cover painted on the back. Luckily my mom wouldn’t buy me one
and by the time I was making enough money to buy my own I was settling
for patches and buttons. More variety than just one big image of Eddie.
But if I had bought one I could probably sell it for an awful lot of
money to a Silverlake hipster who would wear it ironically while he
rode his bike to buy vinyl.

Morgan Freeman, though, has no money issues, so he was able to get
Matt Damon painted on the back of what looks like an otherwise very
expensive suit jacket. Tacky… yet bold!

Actually, it’s just the poster for Invictus, the latest Clint
Eastwood directed end of the year Oscar bait. Yahoo! has the poster for
the film which tells the story of how South Africa’s rugby* team won
freedom for all blacks and got Nelson Mandela out of jail. Well, maybe
not that exactly, but it is about Nelson Mandela and South African

* definitely rugby. I said soccer in a previous article and got emails from the six people in America who care about rugby.