Tom Hardy’s work in Bronson is nothing short of amazing, the sort of performance that defines a career. Of course no one saw it and he’ll never make it within spitting distance of any awards. But it is getting him noticed, and that notice could be getting him a major franchise: the Mad Max franchise.

George Miller has been all about Mad Max 4 for about a decade. There have been a lot of different concepts about how it could work, including a reboot and a sequel featuring Max Jr. It seems like the current situation would be a reboot or just a recasting, James Bond and Batman style, as E! is reporting that Miller thinks Mel Gibson is too old and he wants Tom Hardy for Max.

Also rumored to be wanted: Charlize Theron for the female lead. But since nothing is known about this new Mad Max, no one knows what that lead could be. If a reboot, could she be Max’s wife (or has she already gone that route enough with The Road?)? Or could she be an asskicking broad in the wasteland? Only time will tell.

Apparently nobody has signed off on any of this, so it’s all speculative wishlist business, but I think Hardy could make a fucking amazing Mad Max. Make it happen!