Remember when Jim Dorey published an open letter from an Avatar crew member to me on his site, MarketSaw? He said it was a highly placed source who had given him previous scoops. At the time I took Jim on his word, but now I’m pretty sure it actually came from some dork who has been ‘trolling’ Ain’t It Cool and CHUD for the better part of a decade. In fact, I’m almost completely certain that the letter was a prank.

So keep that in mind when Jim Dorey says that a great source is telling him that George Lucas is planning a new Star Wars trilogy in 3D. And that he wants Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola to direct episodes. Jim goes out of his way to say that this is not the TV show that’s been a long time coming and that it’s not a mangled reference to the 3D versions of the original films that Lucasfilm is rendering. It’s a brand new trilogy that George would produce.

I do like Jim’s theory as to why Lucas would be doing a new Star Wars trilogy: I could see Lucas getting a little jealous over a successful launch of AVATAR – jealous because it is a fully articulated universe, like his. And if he doesn’t act on it – his franchise may well be relegated to a back seat as potentially the records will start falling to Pandora.

Do I believe that Lucas is planning a new trilogy of films? I think it’s going to take all of my wordsmithery to get the nuance of this across: